Zelus GEL Battery
Zelus GEL Battery

GBS6/215 Zelus GEL Battery

电压: 6 V
重量 32.8kg (72.31lbs)
尺寸 244L x 190.0W x275.0H x 275.0TH (mm)
9.61L x 7.48W x10.83H x 10.83TH (inch)
应用范围: 太阳能, 风能, 电信行业, 交通信号灯, 路灯
端子类型: I3,  I4 (optional)

GBS6/215 Zelus GEL Battery

• GBS delivers long cycle life and prolong life in elevated ambient temperatures. 
• The generated heat can easy flow to the case walls because the whole volume of the cell is filled with gel.
• The immobilization of the electroiyte in the gel makes acid stratification impossible 
• Maintenance free(no water topping-up required).
• Low self-discharge rate, lower than 2% capacity loss per month.
• A small distribution of the special valve opening and closing pressure is important for a good (cycle) life time of the battery.

Internal Resistance: ≦2mΩ ( Fully Charged )

Operating Temperature Range:  -20°C~55°C(-4°F~131°F)

Container Material:  Standard: ABS( UL 94-HB) GBS 12/75  Optional: Flame Retardant ABS(UL 94»VO) GBS 12/75FR


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电压 : 6 V

重量 : 32.8kg (72.31lbs)

尺寸 : 244L x 190.0W x275.0H x 275.0TH (mm)
                        9.61L x 7.48W x10.83H x 10.83TH (inch)

端子类型 : I3 (I4 is optional)

5秒钟放电最大电流 :800 A (5 sec.)

最大充电电流 : 43 .0 A

应用范围 : 太阳能, 风能, 电信行业, 交通信号灯, 路灯