Zelus GEL Battery
Zelus GEL Battery

GBS12/75 Zelus GEL Battery

Voltage: 12 V
Nominal Capacity
Approx. Weight 24kg (52.91lbs)
Dimensions 259.5L x 172.6W x200.5H x 217.0TH (mm)
10.22L x 6.80W x7.89H x 8.54TH (inch)
Application: Solar, Wind Power, Telecom, Traffic Light, Street Lighting
Terminal: I2

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GBS12/75 Zelus GEL Battery

• GBS delivers long cycle life and prolong life in elevated ambient temperatures. 

The generated heat can easy flow to the case walls because the whole volume of the cell is filled with gel.

The immobilization of the electroiyte in the gel makes acid stratification impossible 

Maintenance free(no water topping-up required).

Low self-discharge rate, lower than 2% capacity loss per month.

A small distribution of the special valve opening and closing pressure is important for a good (cycle) life time of the battery.


Internal Resistance: ≦6mΩ ( Fully Charged )

Operating Temperature Range:  -20°C~55°C(-4°F~131°F)

Container Material:  Standard: ABS( UL 94-HB) GBS 12/75  Optional: Flame Retardant ABS(UL 94»VO) GBS 12/75FR


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Voltage : 12 V

Approx. Weight : 24kg (52.91lbs)

Dimensions : 259.5L x 172.6W x200.5H x 217.0TH (mm)
                        10.22L x 6.80W x7.89H x 8.54TH (inch)

Terminal : l2

Max Discharge Current for 5 Sec :400 A (5 sec.)

Max Charge Current : 15.0 A

Application : Solar, Wind Power, Telecom, Traffic Light, Street Lighting