Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Wastes - What You Can Do at Work

October. 28. 2014   


Engage and motivate your coworkers to buy green products and help reduce waste. Learn more about how your office can go green!
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Quick Tips:
• Recycle office paper, newspapers, beverage containers, electronic equipment and batteries.
   Check with your local recycling facility to see what materials they accept.
• Consider using safer alternatives to common and potentially hazardous chemicals used in
   products and processes.
• For businesses, there may be federal and/or state regulations on the disposal of electronics
   and mercury-containing lamps.
• To help reduce waste, use two-sided printing and copying, buy supplies made with recycled
   content, and recycle used printer cartridges.
• Before replacing a computer that no longer fits your needs, investigate enhancing the
  computer's capacity by installing a hard disk drive, chip, or memory- expansion card. Such
  modifications can be made with little know-how using the help of the manufacturer or
   a do-it-yourself guide.
• When purchasing new electronics, consider a leasing program that includes proper reuse
  and recycling.
• After office festivities, put leftovers in recyclable containers, and share them with family,
  friends, or others. Donate whole, untouched leftovers from parties to a local food bank 
  or homeless shelter.
Buying Green
Quick Tips:
• Buy office supplies in bulk or multi-packs to reduce packaging waste. You can also buy
  items with packaging that can be reused or recycled.
• Buy energy-efficient items in the office with the ENERGY STAR® logo or items that are
  EPEAT-registered when buying electronics such as computers.
• Consider the durability of a product before you buy it. Cheaper, less durable items often
  wear out quickly, creating waste and costing you money. Look for items that embody
  the concept of reuse.