Zelus GEL Battery
Zelus GEL Battery

GBC12/180 Zelus GEL Battery

Voltage: 12 V
Nominal Capacity 1(5Hr)
Approx. Weight
Dimensions 522L x 240W x216H x 219.5TH (mm)
20.55L x 9.45W x8.50H x 8.64TH (inch)
Application: Golf Cart, Auto Sweeper, Wheelchair, RV, Renewable Energy
Terminal: I3 (optional),  B9

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GBC12/180 Zelus GEL Battery

• GBC is designed with solid lead plated and gelled electrolyte technology.
• A deep-cycle lead-acid battery is designed to deliver a maximum capacity and cycles as discharging.
• High temperature stability, mechanical strength and low acid displacement.
• Superior performance with deep discharges.
• Patented safety valve to have accurate pressure operating for long battery life.

Internal Resistance: ≦3.5mΩ ( Fully Charged )

Self Discharge: <2% per month (25°C)

Operating Temperature Range:  -20°C~55°C(-4°F~131°F)

Container Material:  Standard: ABS( UL 94-HB) GBC 12/180  Optional: Flame Retardant ABS(UL 94»VO) GBC 12/180FR

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Voltage : 12 V

Nominal Capacity : 1(5Hr)

Dimensions : 522L x 240W x216H x 219.5TH (mm)
                        20.55L x 9.45W x8.50H x 8.64TH (inch)

Terminal : b9 (Fitting M8 bolt & nut) I3 is optional

Max Discharge Current for 5 Sec :800 A (5 sec.)

Max Charge Current : 36.0 A

Application : Golf Cart, Auto Sweeper, Wheelchair, RV, Renewable Energy