Traction Battery

Spur - Traction batteries generated by B.B. Battery

Superior dependability and cyclic life

A series of traction batteries supply needed reliability and long cyclic life for all industrial motive applications, serving from a low capacity loading to heavy duty applications.

Why Spur?

The power energy cells provide high efficiency in discharge with advanced components in the construction of plates.

The available cell box contains optimized positive and negative plates. Products designed and produced to minimize environmental affection. High-tech production equipments introduce a highly reliable and consistent battery cells. The combination of highly qualified design, material and production integrates the European harmonization of the DIN and BS range.

  • Cell construction

The robust tubular spines are die cast with antimonial lead and lead dioxide for outstanding deep cycling capability. Polyester gauntlet is considered for elasticity, strength and durability. Microporous type sleeve separators eliminate shorting. The negative plates are flat pasted type. The cell box and lid are made from high impact, temperature resistant and are heat-seal to prevent electrolyte leakage.

  • Terminals, Grommet and Lid

Equipped with special design and integrated without deviation ensures that no electrolyte leak from the cell.

  • Top plugs

Flip top plugs with electrolyte level markings are fitted. Allow adequate escape of charging gasses and provide a safe anti-surge baffle for the electrolyte during operation.

  • Water refill system

The aqua level water refill system makes it possible to top up all the cells from one central point through an integrated system. This automatic system ensures the optimum filling level and also allows the measurement of electrolyte specific gravity. The aqua level kit can be expertly fitted at the factory and on-site.

  • Electrolyte circulation

An optional electrolyte circulation system is Available. Using air-flow principle, consists of a pipe system which creates a circulating air stream inside the cell box. This system prevents electrolyte stratification and the battery charging is optimized.


BPzS & BPzB batteries are widely recognized as the superior stored electrical energy solution for material handling equipment, road vehicles, tow tractors and other electric vehicles with high energy/ deep cycle requirements.



  • Higher running time and battery availability giving increased productivity
  • Optimized design benefit less alloy corrosion giving longer battery life
  • Increased active material surface and utilization gives greater volumetric energy density
  • Product manufactured with a plant approved to quality management standards ISO 9001. Product conforms to IEC 60254.

Traction Battery Character